A few days ago, while I was getting ready for work I started hearing a lot of negative things about myself in my mind. It was like an onslaught of lies and curses meant to shut me down and ruin my day. I know why it happened that day, in particular, and where it came from, so I immediately began speaking Biblical truth over myself and singing old songs from my childhood that proclaimed scripture.

“I am loved, and accepted by the Savior of my soul . . .”

“I am covered by the blood of Jesus.”

“No weapon formed against my will prosper.”

I kept going through the motions of getting ready as I spoke and sang these truths quietly to myself, and then suddenly I had a flashback to 2017 when I was in the hospital . . .

“There was a lady who came in every few days to clean the hospital room, empty the trash, etc. She had a very thick accent that I couldn’t place, but she walked in singing and speaking praises to God and she didn’t stop proclaiming the Word the entire time she worked in my room, or probably any room. I couldn’t always understand her, but I knew what she was doing, and her presence in my room was like sunshine.”

I never once considered why that woman always had God’s word on her lips, but it occurred to me that maybe she was also battling something and the best way she knew how was to do exactly what I’d been led to do that morning while I went about my business while proclaiming the truth of the Bible. 

There could be any number of reasons why she did what she did. Maybe it was to combat the negativity of working in the hospital, or maybe it was simply her favorite thing to do. Maybe the Lord gave her a charge to speak life in every room she worked in as a ministry to the patients. That’s what it was for me. She ministered to me back then and she is still ministering to me today.  That precious lady wasn’t just ministering to me, she was ministering to herself too, actively protecting her mind from the lies of the enemy, with the Word of God. She was literally speaking life everywhere she went. It’s really cool to see that God is still using things from that situation to work in my heart and to bring Him glory all these years later. 

God’s Word, His truth, is protection for our minds and hearts. When we speak the truth out loud and choose to believe what God says about us, the lies cannot continue. They have to be quiet because truth and lies cannot co-exist. You have to choose one or the other, and I’ll readily admit that it’s not always easy to choose correctly. Sometimes it’s even hard to recognize that you’re being lied to until after the fact. That happened to me recently as well. I inadvertently allowed the lie of comparison and inadequacy to have control of my day and it took me a few hours to realize it. That has always been and will ever be a big *face palm* moment for me. Why do I do that? Why do I let the torment go on so long before getting my heart and mind in alignment with the truth of God’s Word?

It’s because I have slacked off on hiding God’s Word in my heart. I’ve experienced seasons when the truth has been so loud in my ears that lies literally make me laugh out loud, but not consistently. I don’t want to ebb and flow from season to season anymore and in order to stop the back and forth, I am declaring today that God’s Word is my daily bread. It is my home. My anchor. 

From now on, I’m going to follow the example of the lady who cleaned my hospital room, who was one of the only bright spots in my days and in my memories, simply because she was praising Jesus nonstop, I am going to keep His Word on my lips. I will seal His Word in my heart constantly. The more familiar I am with His truth, the more absurd the lies will sound. 

Yes Lord, give me, my loved ones, and the readers a zeal to make your Word our home, so that when the enemy comes with his lies and curses, we laugh in his face because the Truth is so real to us. 

I’ve attached a link to a printable PDF of Biblical “I AM” statements and accompanying verses below for you to print in case you want to have something ready to refer to when needed. I have no affiliation with the website credited.


free printable Christian affirmations with Bible verses from https://outuponthewaters.com/